Our Mission: For the Love of the Lake is dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of White Rock Lake Park as an urban oasis.

Our Vision: To ensure those who enjoy White Rock Lake Park actively engage in service to maintain the environment for future generations.


The Celebration Tree Grove Founders

A Grove Full o' Thanks to the 2005 John McCutcheon Concert to Benefit White Rock Lake Sponsors, (who automatically became the Founders of The Celebration Tree Grove).All concert sponsors are permanently recognized on the special bronze Founders’ Plaque in the Celebration Tree Grove plaza. And thanks to an incredibly generous challenge grant from the Harry W. Bass, Jr. Foundation, FTLOTL raised an additional $50,000 for The Celebration Tree Grove project! To show our gratitude for this generous gift, we have named the north trail that meanders through The Celebration Tree Grove the Harry W. Bass, Jr. Foundation trail.

2005 McCutcheon Concert Sponsors and Celebration Tree Grove Founders

"Tree Hugger" Sponsor ($7500+):

  • Feldman Design Studios

"White Rock Angel" Sponsors ($5,000+):

  • Cross Country Club of Dallas
  • Rich Enthoven
  • Dan Patterson and Gail Thoma Patterson
  • Friends and Family of Shelly Spencer

"Walks on Water" Sponsors ($2500+):

  • Doctors Hospital - Tenet Healthcare
  • Ebby Halliday, Realtors
  • Richardson Bike Mart
  • Bowmer Sands
  • The Village Apartments

"Lady/Gentleman of the Lake" Sponsors ($1,000+):

  • Abio AHK Realty
  • Arborilogical Services, Inc.
  • Anonymous
  • Artistic Gardenscapes, Inc.
  • Melany Aughtman
  • Autumn Leaves Retirement Center
  • Family of Orrin J. Bargerhuff
  • The Beagle
  • Margaret Bell, Realtor
  • Caroline Gardens
  • Family of Sam L. and Shirley J. Catter
  • Corinthian Sailing Club
  • Shirley and Stuart Crow
  • Crow Collection of Asian Art
  • Dallas Military Fitness
  • Dallas White Rock Marathon
  • Dixon Branch Homeowners Association
  • Exchange Club of Uptown Dallas
  • First Unitarian Church of Dallas
  • Forest Hills Association
  • Family and Friends of Arnold Gans
  • Marci Gans Novak
  • Walter F. Goodman, Jr.
  • Guaranty Bank
  • Linda Lee Haas, Ms.T.
  • James and Gayle Halperin Foundation
  • Barbara & Stan Hansen & Family
  • HDR Engineering, Inc.
  • Hopewell Operating, Inc.
  • H.L. and Lyda Hunt Family
  • Jesuit College Prep
  • Lake Park Estates Neighborhood Association
  • Little Forest Hills Neighborhood Association
  • Dr. and Mrs. C. G. Markward
  • John McManus and Brenda Cole
  • Medora and Ken Monigold and Friends
  • Friends of Tal Morrison
  • Old Lake Highlands Neighborhood Association
  • Paper Arts
  • Peninsula Neighborhood Association
  • Professional Bank - Lakewood
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson Davis Reagan
  • Robert Leander Reagan Family
  • Maria and Ian Richards
  • Run On, Inc.
  • Schepps Dairy
  • Congressman Pete Sessions
  • Steve and Joan Shopoff
  • Starbucks
  • Lou Suder
  • Frank and Paula Sweeney
  • Team Whiteside
  • Marsue and Bill Williams
  • Steve and Lollie Tompkins
  • Virginia Cook, Realtors
  • Cleal and Mitzi Watts Family
  • Family and Friends of Ethel Wise
  • Family of Whitby J. Wise
  • Mrs. Orien Woolf

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