Our Mission: For the Love of the Lake is dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of White Rock Lake Park as an urban oasis.

Our Vision: To ensure those who enjoy White Rock Lake Park actively engage in service to maintain the environment for future generations.


The Celebration Tree Grove Memory Book

Thanks to the generosity of many donors, the peaceful Celebration Tree Grove was created to Honor, Remember, and Celebrate friends and loved ones with a lasting legacy of not only lofty trees, but personalized bronze plaques on beautiful stone structures in the central plaza of the Grove. We’ve taken it one step further by creating The Celebration Tree Grove Memory Book, with a page dedicated to each person or group Honored, Remembered, and Celebrated on the monuments. This is both a guide and a bit of history so that others may know more about who is honored in The Celebration Tree Grove. The page includes a replica of the plaque in the upper right hand corner. After that it’s up to the donor, who might…
  • Tell us about whom/what they are Honoring, Remembering, or Celebrating. What would they like others to know about them? Was she a lake-lover? Did he love trees? Did they meet their true love at the lake? Were they married there? Did they run or hike or bike or sail or kayak? Is it an organization or business or school that supports the lake?
  • Create a collage – Photos, a poem, song lyrics, achievements, a picture of a finisher’s medal, a pressed flower or leaf, a drawing of or by their loved one, etc.
  • Share why they chose The Celebration Tree Grove at White Rock Lake as the place to Honor, Remember or Celebrate.

Tree Grove Memory Book

Memory Book pages (12” x 15”) are available for pick-up and return on Saturday mornings between 8am and noon at the For the Love of the Lake office located in Casa Linda Plaza, on Buckner Blvd. just north of Garland Road. (map) We hope that many hands will turn the pages of The Celebration Tree Grove Memory Book over the years. Please keep in mind that time and touch will take a toll on anything put into it, and while we will do our best to preserve and protect each page, original photographs, priceless heirlooms, and fragile or irreplaceable keepsakes should not be included. For the Love of the Lake cannot assume responsibility for lost, damaged, or stolen items. The pages are placed in the book in the same order as the plaques on the monument walls. We hope that many will participate in our endeavor to shed more light on those honored in the Grove. If a donor chooses not to create an entire page, the page with just the plaque replica will still be included in the book for posterity .

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