Our Mission: For the Love of the Lake is dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of White Rock Lake Park as an urban oasis.

Our Vision: To ensure those who enjoy White Rock Lake Park actively engage in service to maintain the environment for future generations.


Park Directory

For the Love of the Lake is not in charge of renting out buildings at White Rock Lake Park. To reserve a building, please call Dallas Park and Recreation Department at the numbers listed below.

White Rock Lake Park Home Page 8100 Doran Circle Dallas, TX 75238 Main Number: 214-670-8740

  • Park Concerns 214-670-8281
  • Athletic Fields 214-670-8740
  • Bike Trails & Map Information 214-670-8740
  • Buildings 214-670-8740
  • Picnic Shelters 214-670-8740
  • Special Use & Weddings 214-670-8740
  • Special Event Planning 214-670-8890
  • Tennis Courts 214-670-8740

For more information about the Dallas Park and Recreation Department, call (214) 670-4100 or send an e-mail to the Dallas Park and Recreation Department.

Dallas Park and Recreation Department


For building reservations, picnic reservations, and large outdoor event reservations of the various Recreation Centers, Parks, and two locations at White Rock Lake (Winfrey Point and Big Thicket), 214-670-8740, Monday through Friday 8:15 A.M. to 5 P.M Winfrey PointWinfrey Point - Photo by Houston Brown Big Thickey Big Thicket - Photo by Houston Brown

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