Our Mission: For the Love of the Lake is dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of White Rock Lake Park as an urban oasis.

Our Vision: To ensure those who enjoy White Rock Lake Park actively engage in service to maintain the environment for future generations.


Training and Certification

Water Quality Monitors initially receive six to eight hours of lab and hands-on training.  Primary testing includes data sampling for Dissolved Oxygen, pH, Turbidity, Clarity, Conductivity, Temperatures, and Remarkable Observations. When warranted, advanced testing is done for E. Coli, Nitrates, and Ortho-phosphates. Each water monitor tests at least one location once a month. As Citizen Scientists, water monitors are expecte to education and share knowledge whenever helpful.  Possibly the highest and best use of monitoring activities is to education youth about the importance of healthy streams and the ramifications of non-point source pollution.  Although the Texas Stream Team requires a one-year volunteer commitment, Aquatic Alliance asks for a two-year commitment.  Aquatic Alliance monitors are encouraged to test with a partner, which fosters friendship, backup, and volunteer retention.

Most of the creeks and branches in the immediate White Rock Lake area are sufficiently covered by monitors in 2013 (White Rock Creek aboe and below White Rock Lake, Jackson Branch, Village (Caruth) Creek, Williamson Creek, Rush Cree, McCommas Branch, Reinhardt Branch, Dixon Branch, and Ash Creek.) However, there are many creeks in Dallas and Collin counties that are not being monitored. Aquatic Alliance is seeking volunteers to monitor in both southwest and southeast Dallas County, and in Collin County.  If you are interested in a Stream Team Monitory commitment, or would just like to learn more, contact Richard Grayson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . You will be invited to visit with monitors around White Rock Lake or close to your home during a monthly monitoring event.

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