25th Anniversary Celebration

A celebration for friends, family, and community in honor of 25 years and over 300 Second Saturday clean-ups at White Rock Lake hosted by For the Love of the Lake foundation.

After a one-year delay during the Pandemic, on our 26th year, For the Love of the Lake foundation got the opportunity to celebrate our 25 years of love and service to White Rock Lake. Hosted on November 13th at the Bath House Cultural Center, For the Love of the Lake foundation volunteers were treated to fun, food, and drinks from local vendors. The celebration started only after we had completed our 308th lake Second Saturday clean, of course!  

Brought together by a shared love for the lake, the 25th Anniversary Celebration was an event opportunity to honor and recognize the great number of people who have dedicated their time, skills, and services to White Rock Lake initiatives over the years. We were able to hear from many of the current board members, as well as past board members. With the presentation of plaques, gifts, and memorials, we were also able to highlight our appreciation for our past board members and volunteers who have come and gone here at the lake over the past 25 years.

As the celebration began and the food and festivities were enjoyed, one thing was clear – a lot of people love and care about the lake and show no signs of stopping. For the past 25 years and for the next 25 to come, For the Love of the Lake foundation, its board members, and every volunteer, will continue the mission. Keep White Rock Lake the beautiful, unique community lake we all love and enjoy.    

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