Fossil Team Shoreline Spruce Up

Wow! We are so grateful to the huge group of volunteers from Fossil that came out on April 21st. 74 Adults!!!

The Importance of Post-Rain Clean-up

The timing was perfect since there had been heavy rain earlier in the week. Part of the reason that there is an on-going need for trash pick-up at White Rock Lake is that White Rock Creek and other small tributaries that flow down from the north deposit their collected debris right into the lake. When the waters rise in the tributaries, they pick up all the trash that has built up on their shorelines and washes it all downriver into the poor old White Rock Lake. When the water levels fall, we are left with a “bathtub ring” of litter around the lake.

Unusual Finds

The hardworking crew from Fossil got the lucky task of cleaning up that “bathtub ring” along the western shoreline near Mount Vernon. It’s AMAZING what you can find in all that litter. They found a skateboard deck, a truck bed liner, a neon fishing bob, and child’s dragon tailed cap and a few unmentionables! (If you really want to know; ask a board member but beware, it’s NSFW)

If you are interested in volunteering with your company let us know, we’d love to have you!