The Padillacs rowers volunteer at White Rock Lake during monthly Spruce Ups. They work with a shore crew to pick trash that can’t be reached from the shoreline.

Volunteer by filling in the form below and hitting SUBMIT. 

Every second Saturday, weather permitting, the Padillac Crew sets up at 8:30 a.m. at 315 East Lawther Drive at the parking lot between Mockingbird Lane and the pedestrian bridge. DPARD will barricade the parking lot from 7:00 am to noon reserving the space for Padillac volunteer parking only so parking should not be a problem.

Bring your own canoe or kayak if you have one, but if you do not, For the Love of the Lake has six canoes and three kayaks (along with PFDS and paddles) available for no charge. There will be an onshore crew to support the paddlers by providing trash grabbers, gloves and trash bags.  Paddlers, please arrive by 8:30 am and plan to be on the water by 9:00 am. The onshore crew will take full trash bags from the paddlers as needed and will resupply paddlers with empty bags. We request that you return to shore by 11:30 am. 

Safety is our utmost concern, so if you are not an experience paddler, please join up with someone who is or help the onshore crew.