Texas Stream Team

The Texas Stream Team is a network of volunteer citizen scientists. Dedicated to protecting the environment, they gather information about the quality of Texas water.

The local stream team collects and tests water at White Rock Lake and its streams. Their data joins the data from stream teams throughout Texas in the stream team database at Texas State University. The data they collect is especially relevant to communities, government agencies, businesses, and industries making resource management decisions.

Texas Stream Team volunteers sample and test water looking for:

  • Water and air temperature
  • pH
  • Dissolved Oxygen
  • Total Dissolved Solids and Conductivity
  • Water Clarity
  • Field Observations

The Aquatic Alliance

The Texas Stream Team’s local partner is the Aquatic Alliance. They monitor water in Dallas and Collin counties. They also train and coordinate teams who monitor water quality in the forks of the Trinity River. Several non-profit groups in North Texas support the Aquatic Alliance including For the Love of the Lake. We are proud to support their work. We provide volunteers, office space and financial support.

Who Can Be a Water Monitor?

Volunteers range from students to senior citizens. All you need is a desire to learn and the time to dedicate to the project. You must complete a three phase training course. You must also commit to testing your site for a year at the same time of day each month. Water Monitors also attend quality-control sessions twice in the first year and then once a year after that.

Are you interested in joining the Stream Team? We’d love to hear from you!